Are you a not-for-profit organization that is looking for a management company to listen intently to your needs and adhere to your values? Look no further than Pacifica First Management Ltd. Our licensed professionals are highly experienced in dealing with the specialized requirements of the not-for-profit sector. Our services can be tailored to meet the unique demands of every single property and as such, are designed to support the mandates and structure of your society.

Services We Offer:

* Full accounting and bookkeeping services (preparing financial reports, keeping records of income and expenses, overseeing annual budgets, etc)

*Conducting regular site visits and submitting reports (overseeing repairs and maintenance work)

* Negotiating contracts for landscaping, on-site personnel, etc

* Managing insurance claims

* Training board and staff

* Creating marketing plans to promote a particular project

* Overseeing landlord and tenant matters (handling leasing, collecting rent, screening tenants and conducting annual income testing, enforcing rules and regulations, mitigating complaints, etc)

* Providing a 24-hour emergency contact service

Why Us?

* We will willingly adhere to the policies and beliefs of your not-for-profit organization

* We completely understand the unique needs of non-profit societies and their funding programs

* We can aid you in the preparation of a grant application

* We can offer you precisely what you require (specialized accounting services or full-scale management -- the choice is yours)

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