At Pacifica First Management Ltd., we are committed to helping you achieve every goal you have in mind for your commercial real estate property. Are you dealing with a retail property or an industrial one? Is it an office building or a leisure property? Whatever your answer, we’ve got you covered! Our licensed specialists are experienced in all kinds of commercial real estate and are only one phone call away! What’s more, our experts listen to your unique business requirements and provide personalized service that can be tailored to all of your commercial real estate needs.

Services We Offer:

* Handling tenant leasing (includes renewals, special lease terms agreements, etc)

* Collecting rent and paying property expenses

* Providing payroll services

* Managing monthly financial statements and records

* Preparing an annual budget

* Arranging for property repairs and redevelopment services as required and obtaining quotations from contractors

* Conducting regular property inspection and submitting reports

* Overseeing insurance negotiations (securing maximum coverage)

* Providing a 24 hour emergency contact service

Why Us?

* We are highly experienced in managing all types of commercial real estate (retail property, industrial property, office property, leisure property, etc)

* We manage commercial properties - we are not brokers operating with the intent to sell

* We have beneficial partnerships with tradespeople and suppliers

* We are committed to giving you the customized service that you require (and deserve)

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